Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bedeviled By Nuclear Power

Illustration for a commentary piece on the hazards and benefits of Nuclear Energy Use. The Straits Times Comments and Analysis Page/ March 28, 2011 (Wash Pencil on A4 paper and enhanced in Photoshop).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heng Kim Song's Political Cartoons at The Arts House

My good friend Heng and I rarely get to have coffee together like we used to but we do communicate silently through the cartoons that we produce everyday. And it was a welcome respite last Saturday to pull myself away from the gazillion things that preoccupies me and visit him at his "Meet the Artist" session at the Arts House. This is his second solo exhibition.

It is a rare visual treat for everybody to view Heng's cartoons in a fora like the Arts House. It is rarer still to view his excellent take on Asian and Global affairs in a single collection like this one. It is a veritable panorama of incisive visual commentary on the blistering issues of our time-- so please visit the Arts House today. Exhibition runs until tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29, 2011.

This photo was taken by one of our friends too, Mat Tocang. You can view his cartoons and caricatures here: http://tocangku.multiply.com/

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Libya's Gaddafi

An illustration for the Commentary page of The Straits Times (March 10, 2011 issue)