Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Miel by Gilbert Daroy

This was done by the top Caricature Artist in the Philippines, Gilbert Daroy. He is also an award-winning Editorial Cartoonist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and his superb work can also be seen in the Esquire Magazine(Philippines).


  1. Hello, I am also a blogger and a cartoonist of Mindanao Varsitarian - and GDADOY (Gilbert Daroy)has been featured in my blog a month ago.

    I found your blog while searching in the internet - the name of GDAROY...
    Did you pay for GDAROY for that caricature?

    1. thanks for your note. no, i did not pay for the caricature. it was a gift from a friend to a friend.thanks again.

  2. Hi Reyjhon, was trying to access your blog but it's by invitation only... GDaroy is my uncle (mother's brother) and he does not have much of an Internet presence, so I'm trying to find all mentions of his name, to help him set up his own site and online gallery.

    @Miel: cool blog :)

    1. helo Franz,
      My blog is now open to all online users, you may now visit the site. Anyway, I used "Filipino" language in my blog, baka hinde mo maintindihan.


  3. Hello sir, I'm a very big fan of yours. And my grandpa buys a news paper everyday and I'm fond of watching your works at Philippine Daily Inquirer. I like it very much!

    and it inspires me to draw and to sketch because I want to be like you when I grow up!