Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Process: A Review Page Illustration

Every day we have a page devoted to commentaries called "The Review". Most of the articles reproduced here are from the news syndicates like The New York Times and the IHT. Pieces could also come from government think tanks like ISEAS and the LKY Institute of Policy Studies. So the views presented are diverse, interesting and well-opined. The illustrations must somehow reflect the depth, quality and extent of the writing. Ideally, an illustration cannot be outrightly subservient to the ideas within the text. An illustration seeks to elucidate the accompanying text, true - but it could also crystallise an alternative idea that is preternaturally rendered absent in unbalanced writing.

This particular piece was about the assorted dilemmas of the Thai King - as echoed by the headline. In my mind, I cannot be illustrating a literal "crossroads" as the title suggests. But it could be a starting point in the ideation process. The idea that I came up with is this:

I proposed that the page be redrawn to accommodate the concept that I had in the initial stage. It got okayed and I did the final version in Illustrator CS. This is how it was published:


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  1. Hello miel,

    I just want to ask a favor, if it's okay to you. Will you draw a caricature of me? Just for an update-post on my blog. please. :(

    I am a college student and a cartoonist as well in our school publication - in the Philippines. Your contribution would help a lot for me.

    this is the link: